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Car Rentals in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Taxis

There are more than 40,000 taxis in the city of Buenos Aires and, like in most major urban areas, visitors and locals alike usually just step out of their hotel or Buenos Aires apartment and an empty cab, identifiable by a lighted red sign that says libre (free) will usually pass by within minutes if not seconds. Many taxi drivers in Buenos Aires speak little to no English but don't be shy as they are accustomed to working with visitors that speak little or no Spanish.

Taking taxis in Buenos Aires is fun, easy, cheap thanks to the current exchange rate, and is a great way to get around the city quickly. You can also call a radio taxi, which is recommended for the less adventurous and is widely regarded as the safest way to take taxicabs here in Buenos Aires. Like any major city in the world, taking a taxi in a foreign city is never risk-free and common sense goes a long way. There are regular reports of taxi drivers robbing tiresome and weary travelers that don't keep their wits about them.

Radio Taxis

Most reputable taxi companies offer reliable and safe radio taxi dispatch service. Ask any upper-middle class porteño and they'll tell you: call a cab. Some of the top radio taxi dispatch services in Buenos Aires include:

Premium Taxi

Considered one of the best and most reliable taxi companies in Buenos Aires and widely used by luxury hotels in Buenos Aires, they are radio dispatched, top of the line, complete with air-conditioning (very important during the hot summer months), and offer services including airport pickups and drop-offs, private transportation for executives, minivan and limousine options.

Private Taxi Drivers

Hire a true porteño taxi driver to show you the real Buenos Aires.Whether for a simple day tour, a ride to or from the airport, or to experience the late night action in a city that never sleeps, taxi drivers are the true experts in their respective cities.

Tips about taking taxis in BA

  1. Safety first — As in any major metropolitan area, there is always reason to keep one's head up and to be cautious when out on the streets, especially at night. But, don't fear, as Buenos Aires is one of the safest major metropolitan cities in the world. The safest way to get a cab in Buenos Aires is to call one ahead of time. Several radio dispatched taxi services are available.
  2. When flagging a taxi off the street, here are a few tips and things to remember.
    • Always look for some sort of picture identification, usually behind the front right passenger seat.
    • Make sure the driver knows exactly where you want to go. Best case scenario is to provide a correct street address WITH the closest cross street and have a general idea of how much your fare will come to.
    • Make sure the driver uses the meter unless a prior private or hourly arrangement has been made.
    • Be friendly and curious. One of the best ways to learn the real inside deal is to chat up the friendly drivers to be found here in Buenos Aires.
    • In the evening, don't be shy about asking the driver to turn on the light when you stop and payment is due.
    • Try to carry some smaller bills to avoid conflicts over making large amounts of change. A typical taxi within the confines of Central Buenos Aires will rarely set you back more than $15AR.

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