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Buenos Aires Restaurants

Recoleta Restaurants

La Biela

La Biela
Avenida Presidente M. Quintana (@ Presidente Ortiz); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4804-0449
$$-$$$$. You will recognize La Biela a couple of ways. The first: location, location, location. La Biela manages to conveniently park itself directly opposite the Cementario de la Recoleta, next to one of the city’s most gorgeous and bustling parks. The second: there are usually people literally bursting from the seams of this otherwise unassuming café (we can probably attribute the second characteristic to the success of the first)...
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El Sanjuanino

El Sanjuanino
Posadas 1515 (@ Callao); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4804-2909/ 4805-2683
$$-$$$. The restaurant consists of little more than 10 or so typical, wood tables, a busy counter, and some traditional décor. The only reason to visit is what are generally regarded as the best empanadas in town, by residents and tourists alike. El Sanjuanino’s empanadas are delicious and famously so...
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El Cuartito

El Cuartito
Talcahuano 937 (@ Paraguay); Tel. + (011.54.11) 4816-1758/4331
$$-$$$. El Cuartito (the little room) has a glowing neon sign that greets you from 2 blocks away in either direction – a beacon of pink and white a la 1950’s American diner. But make no mistake, this place is porteño to the core and you can tell by the porteños filling every chair, standing at the counter, calling on the phone for delivery, and overflowing on to the street...
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Rodriguez Peña 1149 (@ Santa Fe); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4813-9207
$-$$. The restaurants next door to Cumaná have found the best location in town. This quaint looking seller of traditional Argentine dishes including several cazuelas (Argentine stews) is so delicious and so under-priced that porteños and tourists in the know will camp outside for a taste...
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Av. Puyerredon 2501 (Buenos Aires Design terrace); Tel. +(011.54.11)4804.0055
$$$-$$$$. This restaurant is one of several that sit on top of the popular Buenos Aires Design. Advertising as a classy Italian restaurant, one will find a large menu with salads including the hard-to find Ceasar salad with salmon. Note that is one of the few places in town one will find true brick-oven thin crust pizza with toppings including shrimp and basil or gorgonzola cheese with walnuts and mozzarella along with simpler toppings.
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Agraz @ Caesar's Palace
Posadas 1232
$$$$. Chef Germán Martitegui creates absolute masterpieces at this Buenos Aires favorite. Restaurante Agraz gives the ultimate restaurants experience, with decadent food matching the one-of-a-kind ambiance.
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Sette Bacco
2157 Aguero (@ Pacheco de Melo); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4808-0021
$$$$-$$$$$. In an old house amongst the quiet tree lined streets of Recoleta, Sette Bacco is serving up some of the neighborhood’s finest Italian cuisine. Within its exquisite setting of brick walls and swooping archways, the restaurants area glows with a warmth and simple elegance. Beautiful paintings in purple, green, and grey earth tones line the walls and jazz music dictates the mood in this classy establishment...
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The Shamrock
Rodriguez Pena 1220 (@ Arenales) ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4812.4415
$$-$$$. 'Where Porteno's go to meet Gringos' is how many would describe this centrally located mega-hot-but-typical Irish bar, located in the heart of Recoleta. Self professed as having the 'longest happy hour in town', a hip and sexy bar staff serves up daily drink specials from 6:00PM till Midnight; including $4AR house drinks and 2x1 beers.
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Sálvame Maria
Callao 1074 (@ Santa Fe); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4812.1122 Additional Location: Juramento 1905, Tel: +(011.54.11) 4783-5353
$$$-$$$$. Sálvame Maria is almost too chic for its own good. The furnishings are modern and hip (careful with your glass of red wine on the square white sofas!) and the staff is smugly indifferent. That being said, everyone in the place seems to be having a great time.
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Remember El Alamo
Uruguay 1175/77 (@ Santa Fe) ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4813.7060
$$$. This place is actually in Buenos Aires, but the almost entirely English-speaking clientele and American sports on four televisions might lead you to believe otherwise. A definite favorite among ex-pats, Remember El Alamo not only broadcasts all professional and collegiate athletics from the North continent, they offer delicacies such as chili-cheese nachos, buffalo wings, and possibly the only "big breakfast" (eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, and toast) in town.
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Posadas 1042 (@ Av. 9 de Julio); Tel. 4326-9430/9654
Some of the finest Italian cuisine at one of the more interesting locations in Buenos Aires can be found at Piegari. Located in the area of Recoleta known as La Recova, Piegari’s two restaurants (which are across the street from one another) sit just underneath the highway overpass where Av. de Julio and Av. Libertador meet...
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Jack the Ripper
Motevideo, Recoleta
$$$. Named for London's notorious and still unsolved murderer, recently portrayed by Johnney Depp in 'From Hell', this is the closest thing to a straight up traditional London pub, right down to the most fugal of details, including drinks poured straight from imported English jiggers and stiff prices.
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Notorious CD's Bar
Av. Callao 966 (@ Paraguay) ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4813-6888 / 4815-8473
$$-$$$. The gramatically dubious and slightly confusing “CD’s” in ‘Notirous CD’s Bar’ refers to the fact that this jazz bar, centrally located in Recoleta, is also one of the city’s best record shops. It’s certainly the most fancy- looking one...
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Los Porteños
Av. Las Heras 2101 (@ Uriburu) ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4809.3548
$$-$$$. Only a block from the more generic tourist haunts that surround the Recoleta cemetery, Los Porteños stands as a proud representative of traditional Argentinean bar culture.  Based in a converted old corner shop that just about reeks authenticity, this neighborhood bar and café attracts young and old locals as well as a fair amount of tourists...
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El Salto de las Ranas
Rodriguez Peña 1169 (@ Santa Fe); Tel. + (011.54.11) 4811-2635
$$$-$$$$. From the minds behind 2 of Buenos Aires’ busiest and most popular Mexican Restaurants, Maria Felix, comes El Salto de las Ranas (The jump of the frogs) bringing a little spice to Recoleta. In true Recoleta style, one of the most noticeable qualities of this restaurant is the steep prices – but as the owners know, in this neighborhood you can get away with it.
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Como En Casa
Laprida 1782
$$$. This Recoleta café attracts the trendy and thin inhabitants of Barrio Norte to come and taste some of the thickest, riches, most decadent cakes and pies. “Like at home,” Como en Casa leaves one as satisfied as Mom’s Sunday dinner. Display cases are stacked with thick cakes and frosting whipped up into peaks and lusciously adorned with glazed fruits or shaved chocolate.
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