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Buenos Aires Restaurants

Puerto Madero Restaurants

El Navegante

El Navegante
Viamonte 154 (@ Bouchard) ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4311-0641
$$$-$$$$. For those who find themselves strolling along the water in Puerto Madero or all shopped out near Florida, El Navegante is worth the few extra blocks to taste a piece of Argentine history. The restaurant looks and feels like it was opened in 1923 and has enough tables to hold its busy lunch crowd.
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Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 1867 (@ Dique 2) with locations throughout the city; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4798.1630
$$-$$$. In addition to being a great coffee shop chain and popular quick lunch spot, Havanna is arguably one of the most popular alfajor vendors in Argentina. Alfajor boxes line the walls while friendly staff in safari-style uniforms make this a unique café to pass a few hours. There are 52 Havanna stores and cafés spread around the city, and 60 stores spread throughout Argentina...
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Cabina Las Lilas
Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 (@Machaca Guemes); Tel. + (00.54.11) 4313.1336
$$$$-$$$$$. This Puerto Madero parrilla has the reputation of being the best place to eat steak in Buenos Aires, and it didn’t get that reputation by accident.  If you go there, count on them having to roll you out.  The steaks are enormous, and tasty enough to melt in your mouth.
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Olga Cossettini 1545 Lofts; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4312.7315
$$$. If you're looking for a cute, trendy café in the prime of Puerto Madero, this is the place. Soda is a well-located café that offers a little bit of everything:
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Tierra de Parilleros
Olga Cossentini 851; Tel. (011.54.11) 4312.3434
$$$$. "No part of a cow shall be wasted," boast many proud Argentines. Tierra de Parilleros has embraced this mindset, where you can get nearly any cut of meat grilled to perfection. All arrives on a small, table-sized grill, looking like artwork.
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Spell Cafe
Alicia De Justo Moreau 740 (@Macacha Guemes); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4342.9956
$$$-$$$$. One of the many gringo-esque restaurants along Puerto Madero, Spell Café is cheesy, expensive, and kind of charming.  The place has a decidedly American theme, but its not necessarily a haven for foreigners...
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Restaurantino & Cafetino
Olga Cossetini 791, Puerto Madero East; Tel. + (011.54.11) 4515.0707
$$$-$$$$. Seated in prime Porto Madero location, right near the Puente de Mujer, this up-scale Italian restaurant is full of Argentine’s out for a Sunday lunch and tourists looking to enjoy a five star meal with the benefit of a high peso- euro/dollar exchange rate. Cloth napkins, fine flatware, and snooty waiters in starched uniforms and long aprons complete this special restaurants experience.
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Madero Tango
Avenida Alicia M. de Justo y Brasil (@ Dique 1); Tel. +(011.54.11) 5239.3009
$$$$$. And now, ladies and gentleman please take your seats as Madero Tango presents… “Tangorama”! With a live orchestra, exclusive cuisine, and over twenty performers, singing and dancing on stage this is one of the hottest Tango shows in town. For a little bit of luxury and a lot of class Madero Tango promises ‘an unforgettable night, with the best tango in the world’...
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Alicia M. de Justo 1130; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4342.7146
$$$-$$$$. Turn on, tune in, listen up cause this is cutting-edge cool on a funkier frequency. For a bar with a difference, or perhaps more accurately, a difference with a bar, Radioset hits the spot. Taking the concept bar model to its logical extremes, it’s exactly that – a radio set...
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Alicia Moreau de Justo 1808; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4312.8553
$$$-$$$$. Though the familiar male and female icons that adorn the side of the building suggest otherwise, this is not a public toilet. In fact these symbols and their slogan, ‘Are you together?’ are an intentional reference to the thus aptly named ‘Jumpback’. This is yet another in the succession of wannabe bars and trendy restaurants that line the waterside of Puerto Madero...
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Asia de Cuba
Pierina Dealesi 750 , Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4894.1328/29
$$. By day, Asia de Cuba is a fashionable Latin - Oriental fusion restaurant. Fresh salmon with broccoli dipped in oyster sauce and fresh tarragon, Filet Minon with sweet potatoes and chimichuri, or a rich seafood risotto are some of the dishes you'll find at Asia de Cuba. Deserts include moist chocolate cake, flan, and thick carrot cake. A large variety of alcoholic beverages are available, including imports such as Johnny Walker and Baily's Irish Cream. The beer selection is limited. By night, Asia de Cuba is a hot disco with music ranging from the latest techno craze, sometimes mixed with 80's classics.
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