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La Reina Kunti

Humahuaca 3461 (@ Gallo); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4863-3071
Hours: Tu-Th 12pm-4pm & 8pm-12am, Fri-Sa 12pm-4pm & 8pm-1am
Price range: $-$$
Delivery Non-Smoking Handicap Reservations

Delicious vegetarian cooking and endearing surroundings make this restaurant a real favorite amongst locals. On top of this, all the food is cheap. This combination of attributes has put La Reina Kunti on the culinary map despite its location.

The building itself is very unassuming. A faded sign on the outside just about marks the entrance which looks like any other residential doorway. Without the address it would be nigh on impossible to find; yet it is constantly busy. At the weekend it is essential to pre-reserve a table. Once inside, the personality of the restaurant comes out. Bizarre surrealist paintings light up the walls with color, adding to the dim glow of the candles on the tables. The wooden tables also all have a bowl of fresh fruit in the centre making them look like a still-life painting of some kind. The smell of incense burning and vegetables cooking in the kitchen fill the air with a delightful aroma.

There are three small rooms and a tiny patio for non-smokers. All the rooms are interestingly laid out with with delicately crafted wicker furniture and colourful fabric adding character. All this makes the restaurant an undeniably pretty restaurants venue. The menu is all vegetarian and based around a hindu diet, a rare thing in a meat-obssessed city such as Buenos Aires.

—La Reina Kunti review by Paul Smithson

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