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Malabia 1833 (@ Costa Rica); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4833.4618
Hours: Tu-Su lunch & dinner (Closed January for vacation)
Price range: $$-$$$

Soothing lighting and vegetarian cuisine make Krishna a choice spot for a bite near the Plaza Costa Rica. Photo by Gena Mavuli.

Peace flags waft from the ceiling, low cushioned seats line the room, and bright red walls lift and calm the spirit inside Krishna.  A vegetarian haven on the edge of Plaza Costa Rica, Krishna is far from your typically chic and trendy Palermo Viejo hot spot.  Rather, it’s the antithesis, representing the small but proud veggie-only population in Buenos Aires.

The outdoor patio seating is perfect in the warm months, with the great food and less of the hippy-dippy feel. Head to the back room for a meal surrounded by soft colors, soothing draperies and low, soft seating.  It’s made for privacy and complete emersion in the Hare Krishna experience; also a great place to study as you’ll find meat-free college students there mid-day, mid-week. 

When you sit down, home made wheat bread arrives to the table served with a rich homemade pumpkin spread.  Yum.  Come here for Indian inspired dishes like veggie pakoras ($8AR), couscous with curried tofu and veggies of the day ($12AR), or a twist on Argentine specialties with empanadas with pumpkin or veggies ($1.50AR).  After your meal, thick shot glasses of hot Chai tea appear, on the house.  Free refills are offered, but its in bad taste to have more than two servings of the rich, warm tea goodness.

Wait!  Does that really say Canción de Señor (Song of the Father), on that chalkboard?  Yes, yes it does.  Also, exactly how many depictions of Buddha are spread around the place?  I stopped counting after 10, but some are admittedly subtle.  Still, Krishna can give you the best of both worlds - delicious, healthy, homemade food of the likes rare in Buenos Aires, with the trendy location to fuel shopping in the days, and bar hopping all night long.

—Krishna review by Gena Mavuli

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