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Lima 31 (@ Rivadavia) – Original Location with one located near you!; Tel. Don't call, just go!
Hours: M-Su 7am-2am
Price range: $
Non-Smoking Handicap

No to drugs...YES to pizza! Ugi's is one of the world's BEST cheap eats solutions. Photo by Clare Nisbet.

After 48 hours in Buenos Aires, broke and exhausted, I finally gave into my curiosity about the pizza place around the corner. The sign read “Famosa Pizza a la Piedra” and $4.80AR ($1.60USD) for a grande mozzarella pizza, which I knew must be a typo. Never could I have guessed in my wildest dreams that I had stumbled upon Ugi’s – the world’s greatest cheap eats solution. They are not kidding about the price but don’t get excited about what to top your cheap pizza with because the choices are mozzarella or mozzarella with onions. There is also a sign that says café con leche and mediaslunas but they only have mediaslunas before 10am on days when they feel like making them and I have yet to see a cup of coffee. Oh how Ugi toys with the emotions but you can’t get picky when you are getting a deal like this so put up or shut up.

So now that I really can get a whole, large, mozzarella pizza for a little over a buck, I wonder: who is Ugi, the man behind the pie? When I sent my team of experts to investigate, all we learned is that Ugi does exist and is a very, very large man.  Wherever you are Ugi – we thank you. If you are lost without much money in Buenos Aires you need not fret. There are 45 Ugi’s locations and guaranteed to be one near you. I have heard the pizza described as everything from “cardboard” to “a wholesome delicious meal” by discerning palettes so hopefully you are curious enough to stop by and decide for yourself. The box reads “No a las drogas, si a la pizza!” (No to drugs, yes to pizza!) but whatever way your bread is buttered – you just can’t argue with Ugi’s. From rich guys in suits to toothless old locals, everyone is getting their slice and the price tastes sweet. It's a Buenos Aires institution - like Tortoni and tango lessons - you just gotta go!

—Ugi's review by Clare Nisbet

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