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Don Julio

Guatemala 4691, at Gurruchaga; Tel. +(011.54.11)4831.9564 / 4832.6058
Hours: Daily for lunch and dinner
Price range: $$-$$$
Kids Non-Smoking Handicap Reservations Credit Cards

There’s hardly a sign outside Don Julio’s Parilla, but it’s religiously full night after night, with nothing other than Porteño Spanish spoken.  The tourists head towards Plaza Costa Rica or Plaza Serrano, but those who want reliably juicy, no frills filet minon and sizzling chorizo along with a lively atmosphere come here. 

Tired of beef?  They offer your choice of boneless grilled chicken breast of thigh, all with the same juicy flavors of more traditional meat but with the health consciousness so popular in Buenos Aires.  Don’t forget to order salad- you can choose from the many they have offered, or create your own from fresh ingredients like tomatoes, beets, onions, radishes, celery, carrots, and many other.  Salads are large enough to split if you’re ordering it as a side, but order it solo if its your main course. 

The upstairs is reserved for smokers, so the spacious downstairs section is airy, open to the grill, with a comfortable, wooden table and ritz-less ambience.  However, it’s more than comfortable with friendly waiters and an abundance of deserts and sweet wines to keep one lingering over their meal for hours.  


—Don Julio review by Gena Mavuli

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