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Tigre and the Delta

One of Buenos Aires’ favorite weekend escapes is Tigre, a small and picturesque suburb along the Paran· River with a busy outdoor market, rustic furniture shops, a small yet important port, and relaxing fun for the whole family.

A popular visitor destination, located right near the train station, is the Mercado de Frutas. Strollers and shoppers can find everything under the sun from knickknacks and Argentine goods like matés and homemade dulce de leche to clothing, gifts, home decorations and yes, even some fruits and vegetables. A bonus is that all the local goods can be had at better prices than the inflated city rates one frequently finds in Buenos Aires.

Near the Mercado de Frutas and the station for the Tren de la Costa is the Parque de la Costa, the amusement park every country needs to have. It’s a humble version of the elaborate theme parks in the US and Europe, but it has got all the necessary ingredients: roller coasters, rides that spin enough to induce vomit, cotton candy and other fair foods, and plenty of carnival-style games to keep kids busy all afternoon.

Along the Paran· River into the heart of the town is where Argentines from all over the county can be found - spread out on blankets with maté or strolling and lounging on a Sunday afternoon. Although the river is a chocolate-milk color (due to the high iron content), and the signs right around Tigre say “Danger – Contaminated Water”, it is the focus of a myriad of river sports including kayaking, boating, canoeing, and more. The beautiful delta is a great place to explore with a small watercraft, which are available for rent all along the waterside. The motorless, rowing variety are recommended, not only for the shear exercise but the added tranquility. The experience is well worth the rental prices of $40AR per two-person kayak or canoe. Prices vary seasonally and between outfitters so it’s worth asking around to find a good deal.

Getting there

Bus: Take No. 152, 59, or 60 from downtown Buenos Aires. The ride can take up to two hours.

Train: The Tren de la Costa or the commuter train line.

  • The Train de la Costa can be picked up in the city at Estacion Mitre for AR$5. Reach the Mitre station from Retiro’s main train station. This is a slower, more scenic ride along the coast north of Buenos Aires and through the small suburbs that feed into the metropolis of the Captial Federal.
  • The commuter train, Mitre line, can be taken from Retiro train station for AR$3.

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