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Having conquered the city - visiting Evita's grave, taste-testing all the best empanada joints, tangoing until dawn, sipping a submarino at Café Tortoni, and shopping in the Galerías Pacifico…what's next? Make no mistake – one could spend a lifetime in Buenos Aires and never see it all but there is also a ton to see and do around the city as well. Particularly when the summer heat becomes oppressive, locals and tourists alike opt to get away for the day or a relaxing long weekend.

From jumping the ferry to Colonia across the river in Uruguay, to going gaucho loco in San Antonio de Areco, to strolling the riverbanks in Tigre and the Delta, or even near by Rosario, the third largest city in Argentina but yet tranquil and relaxing compared to busy Buenos Aires, short or long-term visitors can find the perfect getaway. The following are some nearby destinations to explore – all within a few, short hours of the city center. Great for full day trip or a nice, relaxing long weekend.

Tigre & the Delta
Located just an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, Tigre is a quaint little riverside port town welcoming of weekending porteños and touristas alike. Stroll the riverbanks, kayak through the snaking arms of the delta, enjoy a picnic and some maté in the sun, ride the rollercoaster in the huge Parque de la Costa amusement park, shop at the Mercado de Frutas waterside shopping bazaar or try some gambler's luck at the large casino. Reach Tigre via the scenic Tren de la Costa or the local commuter train from Retiro and find out why this is the hottest and popular weekend destination that it is.

San Antonio de Areco
Located just an hour and a half by bus from downtown Buenos Aires. San Antonio de Areco is where the gaucho culture of the pampas comes to meet the reality of the city. Check out the old bridge, take in a sunset on the river banks, do some silver shopping, make like a local and leave your bike unlocked, and come in November for the Día de la Tradicción when it's all gaucho all the time.

San Ysidro & Peru Beach
Located less than an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, Peru Beach is where to go to get out of the city to wind sail, scramble up a climbing wall, or spend an afternoon sharing a pitcher of white sangria. More of a suburb of Buenos Aires than anything, San Ysidro is modestly upscale and considered a weekend retreat itself for city folk.

Colonia, Montevideo & Punta del Este - Uruguay
Colonia, Uruguay, is located just one to three hours from downtown Buenos Aires on the ferry. Lie on the warm sand, climb the spiral staircase in the historic lighthouse, or rent a scooter and explore the old town and the old bullring. Colonia is a gorgeous, sleepy escape from the city center with the added appeal of an extra stamp in the passport.

Located just 2 hours from downtown Buenos Aires, Luján's peaceful streets allow for wandering and appreciation of the small town feel that is profoundly absent in the capital. This popular day trip is a must for religious tourists pursuing the Basílica Nuestra Señora de Luján.

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