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El Rosedal | Rose Garden

Infanta Isabel (@ Iraola and Presidente P. Montt)

The Rose Garden in the Bosques de Palermo is a great place to enjoy a tranquil summer weekend in Buenos Aires. Photo by Jennifer RoglÓ.

El Rosedal, also known as the Jardín de las Rosas or simply the Rose Garden, is the picturesque centerpiece of the sprawling Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods) in Buenos Aires. Winding red gravel paths guide park-goers through more than 15,000 different rose bushes and 1,189 species of roses in every color of the rainbow. Each brick-colored walkway is lined with green wooden benches, offering plentiful places to stop and enjoy the scenery. From evergreens to palm trees to islands of perfectly manicured lawns, the Rosedal forms a small oasis bursting with greenery amid the concrete jungle of the city.

Designed in 1914 by famous French landscaper Carlos Thays, the garden is bordered on one side by a charming lake filled with locals in small boats, and on the other side by the main bike and rollerblade path that encloses much of the Parque 3 de Febrero. The Puente Blanco, literally White Bridge, is one of the most striking features of the garden. Covered in lattice work and decorative Grecian style urns, the bridge provides the grand entryway from 3 de Febrero into the Rosedal. The garden boasts several other main highlights, namely a traditional tiled Andalucian patio, a gift from the Spanish city of Sevilla in 1929, and a charming white wooden arbor covered in rose bushes along the twisting shoreline of the lake. In the middle of the Rosedal sits the Garden of Poets, filled with statuesque busts of the world’s most famous poets such as Shakespeare and one of Argentina’s national treasures, Jorge Luis Borges. Whether you are a rose fanatic or looking for a quiet place to curl up with a book, the Rosedal provides a tranquil escape from the crowds for all ages.

—El Rosedal | Rose Garden review by Jennifer RoglÓ

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