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Recoleta Village

Vicente Lopez 1050, across from Recoleta Cemetary; Tel. +(011.54.11) 5169.6969
Hours: M,Tu,TH,SU: 11:00am-11:45pm, W,F,Sa: 11:00am-1:45am
Price range: $$-$$$
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The Recoleta Village (also known just as 'The Village') is like the red-carpet of theatres due to its proximity to embassies, Barrio Norte, and high class shopping. One will often find all the latest Hollywood films as well as international films from Brazil, France, and Spain among others. Generally, this is where to find the blockbusters, but don't count it out for finding some unique yet less world-renowned titles.

The entrance is across the street from one of the main walls of the Recoleta cemetery, with a front plaza, central fountain, and outdoor seating for the restaurants that line the ground floor. There are also ample benches to linger on when your feet get tired from walking. Inside there is a wide entrance with sky-high ceilings and a grand staircase reminiscent of a certain scene from The Titanic.  Upon entering, visitors will notice to the left of the entrance Cupside books, a popular Buenos Aires chain.  Across from Cuspide on the ground floor is where you’ll find several classy pizzerias, café’s and bar-type restaurants, all with indoor and outdoor seating.

Upstairs is where one can buy movie tickets, CD's from the music store and willl come across the traditional mall-like self-serve eateries.  McDonalds dominates this area, but there are plenty of healthier and less cliché food stalls choices.  All around The Village are plenty of other eateries, bars and clubs for those looking for a less generic eating experience to go along with movie night. 

Due to The Village’s location and popularity, it commands the highest movie prices in town at $15AR for adults and $10AR for children. Still, its a pleasant place to have a calm afternoon or evening away from tourist-traps.

—Recoleta Village review by Gena Mavuli

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