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Patio Bullrich Children's Play Area

Avenida Libertador (between Libertad & Montevideo); Tel. +(011.54.11) 4814.7400/7500
Hours: M-Su 10am to 9pm
Price range: $-$$

Here´s the scenario:  It´s one of the few rainy days in Buenos Aires.  Or worse, its February and walking in the street feels like walking on the sun's surface.  Either way, the kids are tired of the hotel pool and the hotel rooms seems to be shrinking in size.  Museums aren`t an option; you´ve already hit all the good ones. Its too late in the day and too much of a process to leave the city for the countryside.  What to do?

It´s called “Neverland.”  Other than the title, it has little to do with Peter pan, but like in the US most Buenos Aires shopping centers have a childrens` play areas; Recoleta´s chic Patio Bullrich is no exception.  Aparatuses include the famous coloured, reinforced plastic rides, games, and jungle gyms.  This play area isn´t anything special, actually it hardly lives up to the magnificence that is the Patio Bullrich mall, but its always got kids happily playing with no complaints. There´s certainly enough entertainment for an hour or two of diversion.

Located on the fourth floor, the food court is nearby with a large Freddo ice-cream tempting any kid or adult to beg for a cone of the sweetly rich goodness.  The mall has six theatres, split between two different levels - one on the very top, one on the very bottom so check to be sure where which films are playing; most films will be Hollywood imports either dubbed or with subtitles.  There are shows all day long to keep everyone busy and entertained while Mom and Dad take turns shopping in some of the most popular boutiques in town.  


—Patio Bullrich Children's Play Area review by Gena Mavuli

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