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Casa Rosada

Hipólito Yrigoyen 219, and Balarce ; Tel. +(011.54.11) 4344.3804
Hours: M-F 10am-6pm, Su 2pm-6pm
Price range: $

Similar to the White House in name only, the Casa Rosada or 'Pink House' sitting on Plaza de Mayo is another 'must-see' for most visitors that come to Buenos Aires. Photo by Greg Roden

Built under President Julio Argentino Roca in 1882, the Casa Rosada has been the center of presidential activity ever since.   With the pink side facing the Plaza de Mayo, and the beige sides calling less attention from surrounding streets, it is Buenos Aires’ version of The White House. 

The house is full of impressive national treasures include the bust room full of marble impressions of past presidents.  Don’t miss the Escalera de Italia (Staircase of Italy), fashioned from thick beige marble in true Italian style.  Look up to see the Capilla de Christo Rey, a life-size version of Christ on the cross, as you make your way through the house.   Also inside is the Museo de la Casa Rosada, which displays many presidential artifacts.

On the outside, the centered high balcony became famous for presidential public addresses.  Some of the most notable orations came from the Peron’s, who claimed to speak from a lower, left-hand (facing the building from the Plaza de Mayo) balcony in lieu of the stately centered, high perch in order to be closer to the people. 

However you experience Argentina, it’s nearly impossible to get a complete picture without heading to the Casa Rosada for at least a brief afternoon in Argentina’s past.


—Casa Rosada review by Gena Mavuli

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