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Car Rentals in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina Apartments
Photograph by Greg Roden.

Buenos Aires Apartment Rentals | Departamentos en Buenos Aires

Tourism is booming in Buenos Aires and foreigners are descending upon the city in droves, and for more than just a three- day vacation. Many local apartment owners have opened up their homes to rent to visiting foreigners. Most porteños rent apartments for a two-year period and requires a garantia or 'guarantee' to secure the two-year lease. However, extranjeros, or foreigners, can find many temporary rental options from less than a week to more than six months by using one of many sources including:

Online Apartment Rentals
One of the best ways for visitors looking to rent an apartment, flat, or house here in Buenos Aires is to sort through a plethora of online rental sites.

Apartment Rental Agencies
Several apartment rental agencies with offices in various barrios or neighborhoods, open to the public during normal business hours, are available to help foreigners find the best flat house or apartment in Buenos Aires.

Local Newspaper Classifieds
The two major Spanish language daily newspapers here in Buenos Aires: El Clarín, and the ever-so-slightly leftist, La Nación. Both offer comprehensive Sunday and online classifieds.

Apartment Locating Services
For many, it may be easier to go through an intermediary that will help renters find that perfect apartment. Find our recommendations here.

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