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Tessa Pettman

Sunny at last, Tessa Pettman soaks in some reys Latin American style.
Sunny at last, Tessa Pettman soaks in some reys Latin American style.

Tessa arrived in Buenos Aires on a Monday.  Almost as soon as she set foot off the plane it started to rain, and it didn’t quit – for three whole days.  Having flown nearly 7,000 miles to escape a miserably cold English winter, this South American reception was not exactly what she’d anticipated.  The weather, it seems, will follow Brits anywhere.

Fortunately after drying out and settling in she found Buenos Aires to be much more the hot and happening, smart and sassy, and often-sunny city she imagined. While zig-zagging her career path through London and Brussels, she joined the Real Buenos Aires team with the firm belief that she’d found the perfect job.  Now she spends her time exploring this exhilarating city – eating in its restaurants, drinking in its bars, and getting paid for it.  It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Q:  What is the number one reason why everyone should visit BA?

A:  Steaks the size of surfboards that melt in your mouth like butter and can cost less than the change in your pocket.

Q:  What is your number one tip for foreigners arriving to BA?

A:  Go to a football match.  It will be like nothing else you have ever seen – like a ninety minute game at the Notting Hill carnival, not to be missed.

Q:  What is your favourite city bus line and why?

A:  I’m a keen 39 patron.  It goes from my house in Montserrat to the bars in Palermo via the Teatro Colon - taking in a spot of culture on the way.

Q:  What do you dislike about BA the most?

A:  The ‘ttsssss’ sound the Argentine men make at passing girls.  (And I’m not flattering myself here - they’d pay the same attention to an attractive looking horse)

Q:  What is the most amazing or memorable experience you’ve had thus far since arriving in Buenos Aires?

A:  Going to the Boca vs. River game at the Bombonero.  Notably watching the River keeper being pelted with an assortment of missiles ranging from toilet rolls and plastic cups to beer bottles and one whole, freshly-plucked chicken.

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