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Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter on the road... to nowhere.
Sam Slaughter behind the wheel of 'El Diablo Grande' which he drove from Philly to BA. Photo by Greg Roden

Sam Slaughter was born and raised in Philadelphia.  He graduated from Brown University in 2003-ish with dreams of becoming a young bell-ringing Santa Claus, but was turned down on account of his being Jewish. Instead he moved to Brooklyn and became a DJ and part time journalist for a local TV station called New York One.  One night while drunk in a bar on the lower east side, a friend suggested they drive their car to Buenos Aires, which they did.

Upon arrival in BA in the spring of 2006, Sam realized that he needed a viable source of income.  By vastly overstating his credentials, he was able to get a job working for this Buenos Aires City Guide, which affords him the opportunity to take a lot of buses to obscure corners of Buenos Aires, and to eat out a lot.  He’d like to dedicate this bio to all his babies and mamas past, present and future.

Q: What is the number one reason why everyone should visit BA? 

A: The steak, (and of course, the Quilombos)!

Q: What is your number one tip for foreigners arriving to BA?

A: What happens in Buenos Aires stays in Buenos Aires.

Q: What is your favorite city bus line and why?

A: I’m partial to the 152; it covers a lot of ground and if you ride it at night you get to experience what is basically a moving party with the cream of Buenos Aires hipster elite.

Q: What do you dislike about BA the most?

A: The Argentine mullets

Q: What is the most amazing or memorable experience you’ve had thus far since arriving in Buenos Aires?

A: Traveling to Paraguay with buenosaires-argentina.com boss Greg Roden.   I've still got the keys to ‘El Diablo Grande’ (the Ford Explorer I drove down in and sold to a shady lawyer) if you want to take a trip out to the Mennonite community named Campo 9.

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