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Johan Jensen

Hanging out in bars is what Johan does best. Photo by Clare Nisbet.
Hanging out in bars is what Johan does best. Photo by Clare Nisbet.

After dedicating years of his life to PR, raising the public's awareness of such key issues as the deliciousness of Pez and the affordability of supermarket own-brand products, Johan retired early in 2006.  Then he hastily booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires where he's been living, adventuring and gallivanting ever since.  Having previously written about LSD, jungle exploration and ferry boat disasters as a freelance journalist, he was just about ready to deal with the rigors of covering Buenos Aires's nightlife. 

Johan was born in the icy hinterlands of Arctic North Norway, went to high school in Chicago and lived his entire adult life in the UK.  All of which should account for the extreme blondeness, the fondness for Mataderos' football team, and the faux Hugh Grant accent. 

Q: What is the number one reason why everyone should visit BA?

A: You pretty much always get free crisps and peanuts when you order a beer.  Class!

Q: What is your number one tip for foreigners arriving to BA?

A: Walk.  This city is enormous and the only way to get to know it is by hitting the streets.  Exploring Buenos Aires on foot is a sure-fire way to find your own favorite spots, and believe me, there are lots of undiscovered treasures to be stumbled upon!  Start out in the safety of Recoleta or the Micro Centro, then graduate to more out-of-the-way, exotic destinations.  Bring a map and plenty of change for the bus just in case. 

Q: What is your favorite city bus line and why?

A: Route 55 cuts through mi barrio, Palermo, like a red arrow of dependability.  Takes in all the sights from St. Fe to Rivadavia.  Its popularity is also its downfall as it’s frequently rammed with appreciative fans. 

Q: What do you dislike about BA the most?

A: The ATMs on the whole dispense only big fat $100AR bills.  You can really feel the love when you try paying for a $4AR packet of smokes with one of those bad boys...

Q: What is the most amazing or memorable experience you've had thus far since arriving in Buenos Aires?

A: Whenever my horse comes in first at the hipódromo argentino.  There's no better place to celebrate a big win than a lavish nineteenth century race track! 

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